Marketing a Roofing Business Successfully

Marketing a roofing business can be an overwhelming task. There is so much that needs to be done. Not to mention every job you get will come with its own list of demands and responsibilities.

Yet, marketing is the number one way to grow a business whether you’re in Alaska or Washington!

So how do you go about to do it? Well this blog can help, as well as this brief Wikipedia article. 

There are some hard and steady rules of marketing that can help you – regardless of the medium you decide to actually advertise in. Whether you decide on doing traditional media like TV, radio, print, or decide to go the new media route, these principles still stay the same.

One of the biggest keys to advertising success is understanding one very important factor…

Features Versus Benefits – Market a Roofing Business to Consumers Not Houses

Most people advertise their features. Things like, “Our roofing company has over 30 years of combined experience!” or “We use XYZ coating that adds finishing quality to the roof”. These are all great… but no one cares.

agency in motionMaybe the houses do in some alternative universe where houses actually can think, talk and live their lives. But that is not our world! We live in a world of people who all have desires of their own! They want to be entertained, they want find value, they want quality, they want to know one thing and one thing only…

How will buying your product or service benefit THEIR LIVES!

That is it!

Features focus on the dress a beautiful woman wears, while the benefits focus on why the woman is beautiful in the first place.

So to compare, take those two lines I mentioned earlier. Instead of saying 30 years of quality experience, you could talk about how 3 decades worth of experience has made you the #1 provider in providing safe high quality roofs that last, saving the consumer money and precious time.

The coating line you could talk about how the coating protects against leaky roofs, drips, and ruining preciously expensive shingles. Really lay the benefits on thick.

The more you can sell the benefits of your service versus the features, the much more likely your advertising will come off sounding better and more enticing to the end consumer. This holds true regardless of the media, including such places as social media and organic search. Both two marketing mediums that you should definitely be investing money and time into!


Anchorage Photography – Why It is so Unique

Anchorage photography is a pretty unique experience. The biggest thing that drives photographers mad is the art of light. Light itself an intriguing subject too. Far too large of a Anchorage wedding photographysubject for this article.

The cool thing about Alaskan photography is that Alaska has such a diverse amount of light. When it comes to the winter, everything is dark. Yet, the snow glows. The skies are purple. The mountains shine in the background. It literally is beautiful. Many people absolutely love this look.

On the other side, there is summer. Summer is a fantastic time to get the most light in. Unlike anywhere else, Anchorage Alaska benefits from almost 24 hour sunlight. This allows amazing photos to be taken.

A lot of people look for wedding photographers in Anchorage want their photo shoots done in the summer. For this very reason! It is a great time for it too. The sunlight brightening up the grass. Trees swaying softly in the breeze. Bright blue skies.

As cliche as this sounds, it is very picturesque.

Of course, there are plenty of skilled photographers who are also able to use their Anchorage photo studios. Which is great. There is a lot you can do in a photo studio setting. The reasoning being is you can control the light. When you have the ultimate control over light, there are all sorts of interesting things you can do.

A photograph is limited or enhanced by light, so this makes sense.

Sometimes the weather just will not permit the best lighting, and a good professional will opt for the studio with the lights and the green screen. Then again, it also really depends on what you are trying to do and achieve.

If you are doing a family photo shoot, then a studio might be fine. A wedding though, this may be more impractical considering you will probably be having the shots all done at the actual wedding location.

Regardless of what you do, having your Anchorage Alaska photoshoot can be an event to remember for the rest of your life. So why wait? Go find one of the many skilled Anchorage photographers that are out there right now!

An Anchorage Gym To Blow Your Mind: Five Reasons to Join a Box

I stridently urge you to join a Crossfit box, and I highly recommend this of all Anchorage gyms.

Particularly this one called Crossfit Alaska.

Five reasons:

1) Varied workouts. The fundamental core of Crossfit is to mix up your training, so on any given day you might max out your benchpress AND do a random workout consisting of high intensity weight lifting and aerobics. Any other day, you might do something totally different – perhaps focusing on a gymnastic movement with a totally different workout at the end. At the end of the day, you’re pushed to the brink of athleticism, but the main point here is that boredom is NOT an issue.

2) Active community. Crossfitters know each other. Critics call it cultlike, but really, it’s just an inclusive club that features members who all know each other, want to know new members, and thrive by putting themselves through hell together.

3) Unlimited classes. Generally, memberships will be monthly and allow you to come in as often as you want for classes.

4) Generalized fitness. You’ll learn the power lifts, the olympic lifts, gymnastic basics, and even learn how to climb a rope very quickly. In sum, you’re becoming someone who can be called “fit.”

5) Crazy awesome hard workouts. It almost goes without saying. I judge a Crossfit workout based on how long I’m flat on my back gasping for air afterwards. Fight Gone Bad is the biggest winner here – it’s knocked me flat out for five minutes before.

Check it out.

Anchorage Alaska Real property — Discover an Expert

Acquiring Anchorage Alaska real estate, or truly any type of kind of residential property, could be a really frustrating experience. There is so too much to do! From locating the residential property, to acquiring the residential property inspected, and seeing to it you certify to even buy the home. There is a lot involved, that simply locating a property could develop into a part-time job.

Anchorage Alaska Real Estate 3A component time job that is not also paying you. Appears very terrifc, appropriate? There has actually reached a remedy though …

Luckily, there is an option. If you are significant about intending to buy Anchorage Alaska actual estate and take in the sights that AK is well-known for, after that my highest suggestion is to look into hiring a realtor, also understood as a licensee. The reasoning why? These folks are the experts in the market. They essentially live, take a breath, eat and rest with marketing and buying properties on the mind. Not only can they aid you locate the ideal house, or perfect financial investment, yet they can also become a massive resource for other information related to either buying, selling or maintaining the residence you own currently.

One of the greatest reasons why acquiring a real estate professional on your side is so powerful is the negotiation power. A realtor is allowed to work out on your behalf to get you either the very best buying or market price. Commonly, they are far more proficient negotiator than you would certainly be due to the fact that they are doing this sort of things continuously.

Yet you know what?

The BIGGEST factor to hire a realtor for aiding you get your Anchorage Alaska real property is as a result of continuously it will certainly save, actually tens otherwise twenties of hours gained back so you can spend the time doing what you love with individuals that you adore instead of burning out over searching for your desire home. You can learn more about this at

Warhammer 40k Space Marines


The most badass people around in the game Warahmmer 40,000 is the Warhammer 40k Space Marines hands down.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines are Some Bad Mothers…

warhammer 40k space marines

They are basically steroid-fueled fighting machines that wear tanks for armor. Not to mention their neurotic obsession with serving their God Emperor regardless of whether it is “morally okay” or not. I mean, they do not give a shit. You got sections of them named the Blood Angels, the Dark Angels and a litany of other fear inspiring names.

Hell, the Imperial Guard people that are protected by them are afraid of them.

And that is for good reason too!

If you want to play as these ultimate soldiers, feel free. They are a great army for people just starting out in the Warhammer game. They are really fun too. One of the good things is that since each unit cost so many points, you will not need to have that many models and thus can start playing pretty quickly. Since each unit is pretty strong, even a newbie stands a pretty good chance at putting up a decent fight against whoever they decide to play against.

For more information on this kind of cool stuff, you should check out my website over at where I talk about more space marines as well as other armies such as the Tau and the Imperial Guard.